Unwanted Accounts

Hello Everyone this is a page for unwanted accounts. That means you comment the penguin and password for others to use. Comment below to share your penguins!


17 Comments on “Unwanted Accounts”

  1. pup320 Says:

    Ok Im going to start it of with a penguin

    U.Money9992 P. money

  2. lolz Says:

    name:black cp pen

  3. somone Says:

    thats raciest!

  4. u:refinnej99


  5. pup320 Says:

    Hey Guys Heres A Treat From Me To Share With All of You A RARE MEMBER PENGUIN!!
    Your Welcome To Thank Me Please Donate Some More Penguins To This Page! Bye {Pup}

  6. pup320 Says:

    Heres Another Penguin For Yeah!
    Brock Doo
    brock1999 Cya {Pup}

  7. pop55 Says:

    user:yo its jj

  8. pup320 Says:

    Please Comment some More Soon!

  9. Viswesh Says:

    user – sponge12359
    user – sponge12359

    got some members send them to my mail id..
    i can get u 10000 coins easily..

  10. Viswesh Says:

    pass not user

  11. mrtchy Says:

    this site is awesome!
    put it on your blogroll
    ill put mine on yours!

  12. mrtchy Says:

    U. Jj6574

    I made this cause th website is awesome


  13. cerenado Says:

    I have a secret penguin

    I will not tell it unless if someone follows me


  14. ellacannon Says:

    I have one. If you ban it, it’s ok.

    User: jack 1534

    Pass: basil

    If it doesn’t work, comment at: http://www.horrid123sclubpenguinblog.wordpress.com

  15. lester Says:

    i made jack 1534 have a new pin

  16. austin Says:

    hey ellacannon can you make jack a member i will never bann it i really like the account but i want it to be a member so can you give me your address so i can make it a member?

  17. lester Says:

    user:drago 80331


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