New Anniversery Hat Sneak Peek!

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Heyy Viewers Pup Posting! 😉

Guess What? I Found The New Colours! Check it Out

Yellow,Green,And Blue! 😉 Cool I Cant Wait For The Party!

Its Going To Rock! Drop A Comment If You Are Going To The 4th Anniversery Party?

Well Waddle On!  Cya! {Pup}


Club Penguin Times #208

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Heyy Viewers My Computer Camera Wasnt Working Today So I Couldnt Take Any Pictures So This Is                                                                          


Snowy Is A great Blogger Check Out All The New Stuff He Posted!

Hello Guys ;-)

The new fresh hot Newspaper is here ;)

I wanna talk about the 4th Aniversary of Club Penguin. As all you know every year club penguin will have their annual celebration. They said this year will be having lots of surprises.

On this newspaper , you can find all the 3 Colors of the hats. But wait, the penguin with the 2nd party hat holds 3 balloons. The colors are : Yellow , Green , Blue. Are they gonna be the new colors ? What do you think ?



Next, be sure to enter this year’s Halloween Igloo Contest and get a chance to win coins ;)

16th October ;)



I’ve also fnished the Dot-to-Dot ;)

It’s really really easy to finish. When you finished it, it will be a white puffle ;)



Also , On the newspaper it shows a penguin scared of a mysterious storm and it said something about a scientist. 100% Gary will go on a special room to meet and greet all penguins that find him and 80% that there will be a storm this halloween.



Alright Guys. Here is the Newspaper for you ;)


Okay. The last part! Upcoming events ;)

October 9th –  New Stage – New Postcards – New Pin Hidden :D




October 16th and 24th – Igloo Contest – 4th Anniversary of CP !

Sorry I Couldnt Post Today Guys It Wouldnt Let Me Take Any Pictures Sorry =( Cya! {Pup}

Happy77 Interviews Monster Artist!

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Heyy Viewers Pup Posting!


The team’s been loving all the guesses you’ve had about Billybob’s Halloween Party sneak peek! And we’ve already seen some sweet monster costumes around as everyone starts to get ready for the Halloween Party that’ll hit at the end of the month!


Speaking of monsters, I got word that Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal is happening at the end of the week at the Stage and there’s a NEW MONSTER on the set! Nobody would tell me the whole deal, but I managed to get an interview with someone who helped make this new monster. Here’s the scoop:


Q: So is it true? Will there be a monster who helps Squidzoid try to destroy the city at the Stage?
A: It’s true. He just might be our biggest monster ever! I’m sure Squidzoid can control him though. 80% sure.


Q: Why did you decide Squidzoid needed help?
A: Well I don’t want to say he needed the help, but the last few monsters didn’t exactly do much to help out. It seems only fair that Squidzoid has a partner since there’s a Shadow Guy and a Gamma Gal.


Q: You mean we’ll be able to do MORE than just look at this monster?
A: Um…Oh would you look at that. I’m late for my pumpkin-carving lesson!



Hmmm….Do you think that the squid actually needs the help? I wonder what’s gonna happen? I guess we’ll find out on Friday.


Until then…Waddle on! Cya {Pup}

Halloween Sneak Peek!

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Hey Guys Check Out This Awesome Sneak Peek!



Its From The Mine! It Looks Very Cool! I Cant Wait Til Halloween This 18 Of October! 😉 Cya Guys There! {Pup}

Penguin Style October 09 Cheats! & Volcano News!

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Heyy Viewers Pup Posting!

Here Are The Cheats For The Club Penguin Style Catalog October 09!

Thats It I Will Post The Rest Laterzz Sorry!

SPOILER ALERT! Upcoming Pin Tomorrow!

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Heyy Viewers Pup Posting!

Guess What Yesterday Club Penguin Messed Up With A Bug And Released The Pin. Many Bloggers Came Too Late,But Guess Who Was The First One There? Me! I Thought It Was Just A Glitch So I Took A Picture And Left. Many Other Bloggers Who Made It Just Threw It On There Blog Not Knowing If Its Coming Out Or Not So I Guess I Will To? Check Out This New Pin Coming Tomorrow (Maybe)

Yup Its A Castle Pin! Cool! Did You You Know Its The Disney Sign But Its Just Backwards?

Well I Will Post It When It Comes Out Tomorrow! Thanx! {Pup}

SPOILER ALERT! Halloween Super Sneak Peek!

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Hey Guys I Was Surfing The Web And Check Out What I Found!

All of these picture Are CREDIT TO AYUSHBEST1!

Thats It For Today Check In Tomorrow For More Cheats! 😉 {Pup}