About Pup320

Pup320 is a penguin I made in late 2006. I have other penguins, but he is my main penguin I go on. My penguin I made in 2005 was banned forever, because someone stole him. Anyways I like to give cheats, hints and more. I also like to throw parties, I will be friends with anyone who is nice. 🙂


38 Comments on “About Pup320”

  1. pup320 Says:

    hi ppls

  2. pup320 Says:

    hi whats up

  3. chrissjb15 Says:

    het pup r u ever gonna post

  4. coolest991 Says:

    heyy,i no u.i met u at straws party.my other penguin name is k dubba.bye!

  5. pup320 Says:

    oh hey whats up i remember u .

  6. pup320 Says:

    i dont know how??

  7. chrissjb15 Says:

    Hey, Pup add me to u r site

  8. chrissjb15 Says:

    Add me to u r site.

  9. chrissjb15 Says:

    ill email u it just follow the steps

  10. pup320 Says:

    kk do u know my email ❓

  11. snowbelly100 Says:

    Hey Pup,

    How do you find cheats? E-mail me back.


  12. pup320 Says:

    i dont do some of Cheats I hire other people to do some of there own Cheats which would be {Chrissjb15} so ask him hes on the site pretty often Bye Snowbelly FROM {Pup320}

  13. light link1 Says:

    hey pup how are you

  14. coolest991 Says:

    pup!!! Did you take me off as a admin??? I made you a awsome banner but I guess you dont want it.

  15. pup320 Says:

    I didnt take you off . idk who hacked my site and made Everyone Authors but i changed it Back . And if you can put the banner up it would be very Nice . Srry bout The person who hacked Us but dont worry im on the Watch Now!! So Any hackers Are GOING DOWN .. Good Bye {pup320}

  16. pup320 Says:

    Im very good . Its a wonderful Day In florida Today.

  17. Apom59 Says:

    pup why did you delete me?

  18. light link1 Says:

    hey pup your not far away from me only 2 hours or 3 hours on a plane

  19. pup320 Says:

    Really Where do you live?

  20. pup320 Says:

    I was Full and All my Friends Deleted After i clicked On Your User Srry

  21. light link1 Says:

    cant tell i went to disney world this octerber

  22. light link1 Says:

    im quiting cp forever should i? yes or no?

  23. pup320 Says:

    Um Its all up to you So Make a Good Desision {Pup}

  24. light link1 Says:

    hey pup and coolest pup i just met coolest991 on frozen at mountain cool he added me!

  25. incuntyexense Says:

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  26. ζiρΦ7 Says:

    I suggest you delete the white trash’s comment above me dated March 5. Seriously disturbed person there

    So pup, where you been? Missed ya over at Lynne’s site.

  27. Huggy. 45. Says:

    holaa pupp! its mehh huggz

  28. Unidentified Says:


  29. pup320 Says:

    Hey Brittney I know its you!

  30. pup320 u think that person who is unidentified is brittney the 1 that u use to hang out with in KL (key largo)


  31. pup320 Says:

    It is Caz she has the SAME email as the “unidentifed” Person

  32. nanamumble Says:

    what is that “bob”
    thing. it looks like a…
    nevermind lol
    – na na mumble

  33. Harry42819 Says:

    pup320 can i help you on your website

  34. alex Says:

    hi its me darlek 29! you rock
    p.s. ive got a site! http://darlek29sblog.wordpress.com/

  35. mrtchy Says:

    im the 6,400 hit!

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