New Furniture Coming Soon!

Pup Edit: Lol, The People That Keep Commenting On This Blog Are Wasting There Time Going To This Place, I Have Quit This Blog And I Have Been A Owner Of Club Penguin Pins For A Long Time Now. So Please Dont Come Here Go To Thanks! 😉

Hey Viewers Pup Posting! 😉

Today We Are Having A chimney Sort of thing for our upcoming furniture Want to see it?

Check It Out!

furniture image

Its Like A Chimney/Gate? Hmm I Have No Idea Yet


Do You Have Any Ideas What It Could Be? Drop Us A Comment! 😉 Cya Later! {Pup}

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8 Comments on “New Furniture Coming Soon!”

  1. Usa88215 Says:

    Hey Pup! I think it’s the gate to like some sort of mansion… thing :s! LoL! Im also very excited!


    P.S. Lol, it’s me, man!

  2. sally hanik Says:

    Hey! I think they’re going to make the drawings land again don’t you think so?
    Anyways, check out my blog and youtube thanks 🙂 Youtube: AmericanAussie12

  3. idance1 Says:

    Hey! Nice! Keep it up!

    ~ iDance1 ~ 😉

  4. Cpsalty Says:

    Cool Website! You Deserve To Be Famous One Day, Just Continue What Your Doing and BOOM! You Will Be Famous In No Time. Good Luck and Please Comment Back Some Time. =)

  5. chrissjb15 Says:

    hi pup, im back to posting, and not quitting, if you want me back here

  6. Corwo Says:

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  7. LapGlilia Says:

    Amazing – kinda amazing theme. I will blog about it likewise!!

  8. Woffbuffet Says:

    Hi there Your site is AWSOME, I love it! I would really like it of you would visit my site at: please! You rock! Please comment on it if you can thanks so much.


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