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I Dont Like It At All

July 31, 2009

Hey JordanI Have Decided To Take Back My site I Do Not Like What You Have Done To It. You May Stay If You Like But You Will Be A Author Instead Of Admin. Thank You {Pup}


Fastjordans Talks: New Pin and 30 000 Hits Party!

July 31, 2009

Hey Penguin’s! First let’s start off simple:

The New Pins Located at the Coffee Shop

New Pin

Secondly, Club Penguin has added in some new:


Music List

And thirdly, the water from the pool windows are leaking out some water:


That’s all Cp had planned for today. Really sucks, right? Oh, and my 30 000 Hits Party is tommorrow. Here’s the invitation:

30 000 Hits Party!!

Click the image for more information.


Fastjordans Talks: Newspaper Issue #198

July 30, 2009

Hey penguin’s! This post is from Fastjordan. The newspaper issue 198 is out right now! So, let’s begin!

Club Penguin Times

Thursday July 30 2009————————————————————————————————————————————–Issue #197

Focus Event

Last Chance for Penguin Tales

Wow! The Club Penguin Tales are back and this is the last chance to enter! If you haven’t already, click here to login into club penguin and see the newspaper and enter! I can’t wait to see the new books! Everyone has a great story to tell! Here are the story topics:

  • Hiking Vikings
  • Wacky Wilflife in the Wilderness
  • My Ultimate Igloo Dance Party
  • The Day We Turned Blue..And Sunk The Iceberg!


1. 4 Winners will be selected

2. Each winner recieves 10101 coins! That’s alot!

3, Club Penguin is choosing a story from each different language.

Votes Being Counted

After the marvallous color vote, Club Penguin is now counting it’s votes for the brand new color starring in Augusts Clothing Catolog! If you missed out on choosing you desired color, you have another chance! If you know what color you want to vote for, that color just might win! There were three beatiful embeded colors the choose from. Here is the selection:


Hmm? What’s that you say? What color did I vote for? Well, of course, it’s pretty obvious. Though the desired color choice, I even made my own slogan:

“Maroon is better, Aqua whatever!”

“Maroon is better, Lavender whatever!”

Why did I choose this color? Ok, enough questions! I’ve made this thing where every thursday, I’ll awnser 5-10 questions on the Newspaper Post. It’ll be at the bottom of the post. So, get ready for 6 questions at the bottom. I’ll awnser this one last one, ok? I chose, Maroon, because:

Aqua: It’s just like the other blue colour. It’s almost similar.

Lavender: It’s close to purple. I don’t want another purple.

Maroon: It’s totaly different and efficient. It’s got much better looks combining with different types of styles and is the only color that’s new and different from the others. Red isn’t near as close to Maroon.


Small Problem May Need Big Solution

Gary the Gadget Guy needs our help once again! His last visit the time we helped was rebuild the Migrator. That was back in January-March 2008! Now we’ve got an even bigger problem. The windows from the Pool Grounds (Cave) are starting the budge and let water loose into Club Penguin’s natural poolside. Last year, a crab banged on the window making it crack letting water loosen and flood into the underground and all over Cluub Penguin. Workers worked very hard for a while fixing  the opened porthole. Penguin’s weren’t even alowed in the Cave. But some brave and smart penguin’s thought, “Hey! This is a lot of water to waist, why don’t we have a party? And that’s just what happened! We had a big water splashing bashing party! They connected hoses up to Club Penguin for penguin’s the have a Water Party! This party comes out during June-July. Now we have to hope we can reinforce the waterhole before anything else can happen as this time, the flood won’t be a pretty suspect.  Gary also said we might have a party while we do it… Membes only? Who knows? I’ll get extremly mad if it’s members only. Wouldn’t you non-members?


(If you not a secret agent yet, you won’t know what I mean)

Small Problem


This weeks classified is featuring Items: Old and New. It gives away free items that might return to Club Penguin. That’s really upsetting to penguin’s who are really old and want new items. Anyways, click the image below to see the Classified.




 Well, here are the questions of the week:


1. Q. How old is your penguin?

A. Today he is 968 days old

2. Q. What’s your rarest item?

A. Beta Hat

3. Q. Where can I meet you on Club Penguin?

A. I really most of the time go on English Servers. Unless every server is really jamed packed. And I also usually go on servers that begin with the letter F and S. I also go on Fjord, Frozen and Sleet.

4. Q. When did you start this blog?

A. I started it back in August 2008. August 14th to be exact. It’s almost going to be my first year here at wordpress! I can’t wait! Were going to have an amazing party when I do. Though, that’s a further event. 

5. Q. Is there another contest coming up real quick?

No, sorry. Of course there is! Actually, there’s a contest that’s coming in August. I won’t tell you the day, but it’s coming close to the day when I first started blogging. It’s going to be a massive contest and it’s going to be a little tricky then last time.

 That’s all the questions! Stay tuned! And feel free to submit a question in a comment and it will be featured in next weeks newspaper post with an awnser.

Waddle On!


New author on here!

July 30, 2009

Hi you may have seen me on many other blogs! Thats because im here to help out on any cp blog! ive stop my own blog for now to keep you updated on all of these other blogs!

There will be loads of updates for this site so keep an eye out!

– holidayclubanddadted

Happy77 Talks Tunes (With Screenhog)!

July 29, 2009

Hey Penguin’s!

Music Jam (I like jam) is all wrapped up, but I think music is always cool to celebrate. We wanted to give you more ways to have fun with it, and if you check out the 101 Days of Fun Offline Activities on the website, you’ll see some sheet music. You can use it to learn to play a Club Penguin song! I know Screenhog’s really into music so I asked him about it.


Q: We checked out the sheet music – Where can penguins find that song in Club Penguin?
A: You can hear it on the homepage when you click the Tour Guide and start the movie.

Q: The team is doing some work at the Lighthouse stage so that (just like during the Music Jam) we’ll be able to hear certain instruments when we play there. What do you think?

A: I’m glad. However, I personally like seeing the songs that penguins play and sing all over Club Penguin even more.

Q: Do you play any instruments? Got any quick tips to share with other musically inclined penguins?
A: Yep, I can play a few – the alto saxophone, a few percussion instruments, but my all-time favorite is the piano. To any of you who play real instruments, keep it up! Find a song and see if you can learn how to play it, or even try and compose your own music. All of Club Penguin’s music is made by someone, and maybe someday that someone could be you!


New igloo music ready on Friday… Hope you’re still having fun with your bands. I’ll never get tired of having really loud igloo parties!

Until then…Waddle on!!


Site Being Improved!

July 29, 2009

Hey Penguin’s! Pup320 quit this blog and started to help another one. Weird? Heres the link: Hifriendz Club Penguin Cheats

Anyways, I’m going to be taking over until he gets over 15, 000 hits. This site is going to be upgraded and updated alot, so stay tuned!


Moving Site

July 26, 2009

Heyy Viewers Pup320 Is Moving To He Will Come Back Here When We Reach 15,000 Hits. So Basically Im Only Quiting This Site For Awhile. A Really Good Friend Of Mine Is Going To Take Over. So We Can Get The Hits Up Faster. His Name Is FastJordan His Blog Is So Check Out His Blog And He Will Now Be Posting Here Until We Get 15,000 Hits. Well Thanks To All That Comment The Dont Quit Comments And My New Site Will Be On The Blogroll Its Called Hifriendz Club Penguin Cheats. Thank You And GoodBye {Pup}