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RockHopper Docks Migrator

February 28, 2009

Hey RockHopper’s Back and everyone is trying to meet him . So Im Here To tell You some Usual Places where he is. Hes Usally  On Mammoth and Goes to the IceBurg , Anywhere on his Ship , Beach , Cove And Ones and a While He will Be at Dock Town and Plaza . Oh I forgot  Heres What He Looks Like


Well I hope This Helps You Bye !! {Pup}


RockHopper Coming!!!!!!!

February 26, 2009

Rockhopper Coming on Febuary 27 Friday (2009) I wonder Whats hes Bringing Back ? Pirates? Treasure? New Club penguin exclusive Items? Well I dont know so Lets Find out THIS FRIDAY Cya Til Then {Pup}

Super Rare Item

February 25, 2009

Hey guys Im Here to show you the Rarest Party hat in Cp . Its not back but I just wanted to show you guys . Oh and if you didnt know This is Called The Beta Hat . So Bye {Pup}

Want to Chat with Pup and Friends

February 22, 2009

Type in        Bye {Pup}

Dear Pup…

February 22, 2009

Pup,  I don’t really want to work here anymore.  😥  I just want to update my own site and not just be an author soo,  you don’t have to publish this post cuz I think I’m quitting this blog until further notice.  You may publish this post to let everyone say bye to me.  You may also remove me from the authors section cuz if I was there and I wasn’t updating that wouldn’t make any sense.  Goodbye other authors and all of Pup’s wonderful viewers..I’ll miss you all so much.  Goodbye  I will still visit here so I could check out you’re posts and mabye comment sometimes.  Cya Pup, other authors, and viewers.  Miss ya.

{Pup} . Bye Wacky 😦

New Stuff!!

February 22, 2009

RockHopper coming omg whats he going to bring ?? (I wonder)

Old Puffle Bandana At Cove . Now you dont have to get it out of the Treasure Book.  Bye {Pup}

Pups Site is Improving

February 22, 2009

Pups site Finally Gains 2,000 Hits Woo hoo I will Think of something to do for the party Bye {Pup}